Ryan Fontenot

Ryan is a modern-day evangelist, spreading the good news of God's love with unwavering passion. His message resonates with this generation through his unique gift for biblical preaching – imparting timeless truths in accessible and meaningful ways that are applicable in everyday life.

Ryan Fontenot Sitting

Preparing the Next Generation

Reaching the Next Generation is not just about proclaiming the gospel to them, but preparing every follower of Jesus to do the same. At R.A.G.E. Ministries we know, Reaching A Generation Endangered is not a "me thing" but a "we thing". We all have a role to play and a message to share. #WeAreRAGE

Ryan speaking at a camp to a group of students

Since 2003, Ryan has spoken to hundreds of thousands across North America and around the globe. With a gift of passionate and creative preaching, God is using Ryan to point this generation to Jesus and equip them to reach others.  Ryan lives in Fort Worth, Texas and is married to his high-school sweetheart, Heather. Together they have three children: Elyn, Inly, and Tru.

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Our Story
A photo of Ryan worshipping

Every one of us has the power to make an eternal impact in this world. We need your help to reach out and bring hope, love and truth into the lives of young people around the globe. Will you join us on this amazing journey? Whether it's a single donation or ongoing contributions - whatever you can give will leave lasting imprints onto eternity!

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