A Generation Endangered

Preaching the gospel to the next generation.
Preparing them to do the same.

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1 Million Sent Podcast

Each episode, Ryan has in-depth conversations with friends, leaders and experts in the field to discuss the important topics in culture and Church today. From understanding your faith to sharing it with others, this podcast will give you the tools you need to make an impact in the world.


About RAGE Ministries

Ryan founded R.A.G.E. Ministries in 2002 with the aim to REACH UP to God for His glory alone, REACH OUT to a world in desperate need of Jesus and REACH IN to the church empowering believers to do the work of the ministry!

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YouTube Channel

Join in as we share sermons, teachings, interviews, ideas and grow together in reaching this generation with the gospel of Jesus. We will share interviews with some of the most
connected and current leaders in student ministry as well as ongoing talks with evangelists to equip us to share the gospel.

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